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A4 Postal Tubes - 9.4" Long (240mm)

We hope this page helps you identify suitable postal tubes for your A4 size mailing needs.

UK Made A4 Postal Tubes

The most common specification & size Postal Tubes for A4 posters, artwork etc are 240mm long x 50mm diameter or if you prefer 9.4" x 2” in imperial size with a 1.5mm wall. This tube provides a good degree of protection and a reasonable size diameter to prevent curling of the contents.

However, we also make A4 postal tubes in wider diameters for clients using them for items other than documents, maps, decals etc. Or of course people that want to send rolled items but with a minimal curling of the items.

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Custom Made A4 Postal Tubes

We can also manufacture bespoke postal tubes to the exact size that you require, so if you have an unusual size item that you need to ship safely, or need a strong postal tube manufactured to specific dimensions, we can manufacture the exact cardboard postal tube that you require.

Either give us a call on 02476 422000, or drop us an email, and we will be more than happy to assist you with your bespoke postal tube requirements.

Coloured A4 Mailing Tubes or Postal Tubes

Not only can we produce postal tubes to your exact size requirements, we also manufacture superb quality postal tubes in a large range of beautiful colours. This can allow your mailings to make a huge impact with your customers and add a touch of class to the items you are selling and shipping out in the post.

We can manufacture our coloured postal tubes in a whole range of different lengths and diameters too, so check out our coloured postal tube range here

Things To Consider When You Buy A4 Postal Tubes

When purchasing postal tubes for your A4 documents there are a couple of things to bear in mind to ensure your items are properly protected.

  1. A4 postal tube sizes are based on you rolling your documents on the short side, NOT lengthways.
  2. Always remember our postal tubes are manufactured slightly longer to allow a little extra length for the end caps to be pushed into the postal tubes... as you don't want to crumple the edges of your A4 size documents when sealing your tubes.
  3. Where possible staple your caps or plugs in place to provide added security to your postal tube contents. 

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