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Pricing In Proportion Boxes

PiP BOXES - These Pricing in Proportion Boxes (Large Letter Boxes) are all designed to provide maximum protection for your products, whilst allowing you to benefit from sending them out as large letters and not small packets under Royal Mail's Pricing in Proportion guidelines. Saving You Money

These boxes comply With RM Pricing In Proportion Size Rules - Large Letter Mailing / Postal Boxes (Strong Pricing in Proportion PiP Mailers). They are Large Letter Qualifying Small Postage Boxes.

Below you will see a list of Mini PiP Boxes, DL PiP Boxes, Die Cut PiP Boxes, A5 PiP Boxes, C5 PiP Boxes, A4 PiP Boxes, C4 PiP Boxes, Maxi PiP Boxes, Multimedia PiP Boxes, Parcel PiP Boxes and Pip Envelopes:


Large Letter Pricing in Proportion (PIP) Boxes

Royal Mail Small Parcel Boxes (Parcel PiP Boxes)

Medium Parcel Boxes

Pricing In Proportion Envelopes (Pip Envelopes)