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Large Letter Postal Boxes (Royal Mail PiP Boxes)

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Did you know?

Defendapack were the first company to introduce a range of Large Letter Pricing in Proportion boxes or PiP boxes designed to work within Royal Mail’s Large Letter category…

Large Letter PiP Boxes in terms of Royal Mail postage are a range of postal boxes (and to a lesser extent envelopes) first introduced by us back in the middle of 2006. They were essentially boxes designed to help customers save vast amounts of money on their postage as Royal Mail introduced size based pricing, or as they termed it ‘Pricing in Proportion’ — which had the result of raising postage prices of items exceeding the strict size guidelines they’d set.

Our original range of large letter boxes were based on envelopes with C5, C4 & DL (business envelope) sizes proving massively popular. Along with a small or Mini PiP box & a Maxi PiP box which maximised the size allowance with Royal Mail we helped numerous clients dramatically reduce postage charges when e-commerce and online trading were still relatively new phenomenons.

Originally marketed as ‘Pricing in Proportion Boxes’ through our website, discussions on the still relatively new eBay UK Power Seller boards, just prior to Royal Mail introducing the extra charges, revealed a huge demand for the products. However, the character limits for eBay listings at the time meant that Pricing in Proportion Boxes needed abbreviating to PiP boxes.

The term PiP boxes is now used by most of our competitors but we strongly believe our original strong, great quality PiP boxes still represent the ultimate in Large Letter Postal Boxes and our wide range of sizes still offers far more choice than you will find amongst our competitors.

Small Parcel Boxes --- Pricing in Proportion rules for parcels or packets were introduced some years after those for letters and again we were quick to react with a range of superb quality Royal Mail small parcel qualifying boxes which you can check out here

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