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Vinyl Record Mailers

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Record mailers are a range of products designed to protect vinyl records being shipped out via a postal service or a courier.

Envelope style record mailers...

There are several designs of record mailers available which differ in some key ways. Envelope style record mailers, as the name suggests, are constructed like traditional envelopes but are square in order to hold smaller 7" vinyl singles or in a larger version for 12" vinyl singles & LPs. Envelope style vinyl record mailers are commonly manufactured in a strong grey board or in a glossy finish white board. Whilst both all board white record mailers & the grey board equivalent provide a degree of protection — buyers of new & used vinyl records are increasingly demanding improved postal protection to cope with higher volumes of parcels being carried in networks — and consequently a greater risk of their delicate vinyl records getting damaged in transit.

Enter the vinyl record box mailer...

Corrugated cruciform vinyl record mailers such as the MusicMax Classic LP & 7" singles record mailers are essentially a cardboard box designed specifically to offer massively improved transit or postal protection. Like the MusicMax Classic they are usually able to carry 1, 2 or even 3 vinyl records. The corrugated board not only gives the box superb rigidity — but greater padding of the record is offered by the fluting of the corrugated board.

Bulk & multi vinyl record mailers...

With the surge in vinyl record sales, traditional vinyl record box mailers in some instances weren’t capable of carrying the number of records needed & products like the superb MusicMax QP2 with its double wall & six record capacity along with the MusicMax Twist — able to carry 13/14 records — were introduced to satisfy demand.

Record mailer stiffeners or record mailer strengtheners...

Record mailer stiffeners have long been used to add extra protection to envelope style record mailers. They are quite widely available for vinyl records in both 12" LP versions or a smaller 7" type. Quality can however vary markedly from supplier to supplier.

Our 7" record mailer stiffeners for singles are manufactured in a superb single wall corrugated board & our MusicMax DOUBLE WALL 12" LP record mailer stiffeners come in two seriously strong options: the MM317 measuring 317mm x 317mm & the MM330 measuring 330mm x 330mm. Generally, whether you use envelope style record mailers or vinyl record box mailers as your packaging, one of our vinyl 12" LP stiffeners should provide the size you need.

Other sizes of record mailer stiffeners on the market include: 318mm x 318mm, 320mm x 320mm, 322mm x 322mm & 332mm x 332mm

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