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Vinyl Record Corner Protectors for Shipping LP's (MusicMax Twists Compatible)

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Belt & braces protection for your vinyl mailings with our cardboard corner protection. (Not suitable for use with original MusicMax record mailers)


This product is compatible with our superb bulk record mailers, ‘MusicMax Twists’, whether you are sending multiple albums or just one high value record.


Whilst most record dealers have their own preferences regarding packing their vinyl sales, these corner protectors can be used to provide even greater protection for several records (less if you are using bubble wrap). The design of the product means a light spring loaded action helps keep the protectors in place but is gentle enough to avoid causing damage to delicate album covers.


Despite MusicMax Twists already providing superior protection at a fantastic price & weight, Defenda’s MusicMax Twist compatible corner protectors are perfect for record sellers looking for a ‘belt & braces’ method of shipping their vinyls.

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