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Best Vinyl Record Mailers

DEFENDAPACK’s MusicMax Mailers have been the best record mailers available for decades, (long before the current interest in vinyl attracted less committed companies to jump on the bandwagon). Our long commitment to providing maximum transit protection for vinyl & by us only using quality materials ensures you can count on us to provide first class record mailers both now and long into the future; whatever happens to the current high volume of vinyl record sales.

As an independent packaging company, we have been supporting independent record shops, record labels, artists & numerous other vinyl collectors & enthusiasts for more than 20 years.

By purchasing MusicMax Mailers, you will not only be choosing the highest quality Vinyl Record Mailers, you will also be supporting U.K. manufacturing... as we make all MusicMax products here in the U.K.

MusicMax Vinyl Record Mailers

MusicMax QP2 Vinyl Record Mailers

MusicMax TWISTS Vinyl Record Mailers

Record Mailers, Vinyl Record Mailers or LP Mailers are a range of products designed to provide postal protection for what are essentially a very delicate item, and therefore something which can easily be damaged in courier networks or postal services when sold by online sellers.

There are two main types of protective packaging for vinyl records: an envelope style mailer, constructed of card. These are normally supplied in either a white glossy board or in a grey board.

Although many vinyl record sellers use this envelope design to successfully ship records domestically & internationally they do offer less protection than the alternative: vinyl record box mailers.

Here at DEFENDAPACK we offer both envelope style record mailers & box style record mailers. In fact, we were the first company to introduce ‘Corrugated Box Record Mailers’ about 20 years ago: a time when vinyl as a recorded music format had been written off & CDs ruled supreme. Back then, the only practical way to acquire vinyl records was through record fairs or by mail order as nearly all record shops had stopped stocking vinyl. Our MusicMax brand of box Record Mailers, since its launch, has helped protect millions of records through the postal system and reach their buyers in pristine condition. Why not check out our range of record mailers for 7" singles, 12" singles and LPs here.

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