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Please Note: All postal tubes are supplied with endcaps
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25" Long (A1 Size) Postal Tubes - 635mm x 38mm

  • 25" Long (A1 Size) Postal Tubes - 635mm x 38mm
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Available Options

*** All Postal Tubes Are Supplied with Endcaps ***

1.5” Diameter Postal Tubes 25” Long - 635mm Long x 38mm Diameter

Good quality narrow diameter A1 Postal Tubes 635mm or appx 63.5cm long. Our great quality Postal Tubes provide superb protection for items such as: artwork, prints, documents, posters, maps or even decals and other rolled non paper related items.

You will find these quality A1 size paper / cardboard mailing tubes within our ‘Standard Strength Range' provide a high degree of protection in the postal system for rolled items. The 1.5” 38mm / 3.8cm narrow diameter of these postal tubes allows them to pass through most UK letterboxes. Curling of items before postage & after mailing out is slightly greater with these narrower diameter postal tubes, but more than acceptable to many customers. 

The overall length of the postal tube is 63.5cm / 635mm appx 25” long. Allowance of about 25mm should be made for the insertion of end caps. Another advantage of our 38mm diameter postal tubes is that they can be posted through the vast majority of letterboxes in the UK. Some British letterboxes do accommodate wider diameter tubes but if you are attempting to minimise the number of mailing tubes that need to be left in a safe place, with a neighbour or require a redelivery attempt then 38mm cardboard tubes is a great option.

Here at Defendapack we manufacture and hold the widest range of postal tubes in the UK ready for immediate dispatch. So please feel free to check out our main postal tube / mailing tube page to view your options such as: different diameters, wall thickness & postal tube length.

Narrow Diameter 25” Postal Tube Specification:

Paper / Document Size: N/A
Length: 25” / 635mm / 63.5cm appx
Diameter: 1.5” Inch / 38mm / 3.8cm
Wall thickness: 1.5mm
Postal Tube Weight: g (appx)

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